A Candid Discussion About Strategies for Overcoming the Leadership Crisis from U2030 Women Who SPARK Winners

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the term “leadership crisis” has become more than just a buzzword; it’s a pressing reality. Recent surveys have shown that only a mere 11% of organizations have a robust leadership bench, indicating a serious problem within the corporate world. This crisis is a result of various challenges, including transformation fatigue, talent losses, inflation, increased hiring costs, and the shift toward remote work models. It’s a situation that requires immediate attention and thoughtful solutions.

The world of utilities is not immune to this crisis, and it’s a matter of concern for both industry professionals and leaders. Utilities are grappling with the need to find effective leaders who can navigate the major transformation initiative that lies ahead. Simply offering higher pay is no longer sufficient to retain key personnel or attract new talent.

U2030, a forward-thinking organization committed to addressing the challenges of the utility industry, is taking this crisis seriously. Members recognize the urgent need for solutions and are hosting an enlightening panel discussion titled, “Navigating the Utility Industry’s Leadership Crisis.”

Moderated by Edwin Crow of E Source, the panel features accomplished U2030 Women Who SPARK award winners, leaders who have not only illuminated the path for others but are also blazing new trails into the utility of the future. They include Brandy Bolden from SMUD, Katy Liddell, and Katy Cook from Liberty.

By attending this session, you will have the opportunity to hear from these transformation leaders, gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing the utility sector, and discover innovative strategies for building strong leadership teams. Whether you’re a seasoned utility professional or just entering the industry, this panel discussion will provide you with valuable insights that can help you thrive in the face of the leadership crisis.

This panel will be held on December 17, 2024, from 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EST. In a world where effective leadership is crucial for success, U2030’s panel discussion is a must-attend event for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in the utility industry and contribute to the development of a brighter and more sustainable future. Visit the

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