Uplift & Inspire
Explore U2030’s programs designed to empower and uplift utility employees and customers. From the inspiring Women Who SPARK Awards program to our impactful community service initiatives in event-hosting cities, our programs provide engaging opportunities for our members to make a meaningful difference in the utility industry and beyond.

Centers Of Excellence

Through our Centers of Excellence (CoEs), dedicated hubs of actionable expertise, we support utility transformation efforts in tangible ways. Available to U2030 members only, CoE meetings and resources serve as invaluable tools for advancing utility transformation objectives and goals.

Women Who SPARK Awards Program

In our pursuit of a more equitable world, we recognize the incredible potential and contributions of women. To support and celebrate their achievements, we offer the Women Who SPARK Award program. This program aims to empower and uplift women by providing them with opportunities, resources, and recognition. We believe that by fostering an environment where women can thrive, we contribute to a fairer and more inclusive society.

Community Service Projects

At the heart of our business is our community, and we are dedicated to understanding and empathizing with utility customers. Our community service projects allow us to actively engage with them during our events to gain insights that go beyond data and statistics.

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