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The Utility 2030 Collaborative (U2030) is a vibrant group of utility and community leaders advancing utility transformation efforts through authentic collaboration. Passionate about each member's success and personal well-being, we offer knowledge transfer and leadership development services at the nexus of utility customers and operational excellence.

2024 Women Who SPARK Awards Gala

Join us as we announce and celebrate our 2024 award winners during the U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting on September 16, 2024, at Sambuca in The Gulch District of Nashville, TN..

Our Sold-out 2024 Masterclasses Leave Everyone Wanting More!

2024 Centers of Excellence


Customer Experience (CX)
Explore the changing face of the utility customer experience and the strategies and technologies utilities can leverage to stay ahd of the curve.


Energy Transition + Beyond the Meter (ET + BTM)
Gain insights for delivering a successful energy transition with thought leadership into integration beyond the meter solutions.


Emergency Preparedness & Communications (EPC)
Uncover strategies to prepare for outages and emergencies, optimizing event response and cutting-edge communications strategies for swift resolution.


Transformative Leadership
Gather insights into transitioning from conventional to transformative leadership strategies for organizational growth, and influence beyond authority.
I was very impressed by the scope and professionalism of the event (U2030 Future-Think-a-Thon), and by the diverse and thoughtful leaders, you assembled to sharpen our thinking about the challenges facing the utility sector. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you, and I hope our paths cross again!

Dave Kohn

Deputy Commissioner, City of Chicago

I wanted to share my admiration for the level of event you put on in Chicago. The Utility 2030 Collaborative has a vibrant and dedicated group of participants whose passion for excellence, knowledge, and collaboration truly shines through. My mind is already racing to find ways to improve Oracle’s involvement and contribution to U2030. Thank you for your partnership and for inviting me to participate in the U2030 Futures-Think-a-Thon.

John Bitzan

Application Sales Manager, Oracle

Our Services

Dynamic and inspirational gatherings that teach modern leadership, team building, and problem-solving strategies and tactics.
U2030 Women Who SPARK Awards and Community Service Projects to foster support and uplift utility industry employees and customers.
Research, custom workshop facilitation, and strategic recommendations to overcome silos and help utilities prioritize important initiatives.
Crowdsourced, co-created, and curated “how-to” content to inform better decision-making across the utility enterprise and industry. RESOURCES

Discover the Magic of Kinetic Learning at U2030 Events

Kinetic Learning, also known as tactile or hands-on learning, involves physical interaction with materials to understand concepts better.
Rooted in kinetic learning best practices, U2030 events are a carefully curated blend of creative team-building activities, dynamic presentations, moderated discussions, modern solution development training, competitive solution building, community service projects, award ceremonies, and tours of innovative destinations.

Recharge at the
U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting

September 16-18, 2024
The Thompson Hotel, Nashville, TN
Feeling overwhelmed by utility transformation goals and information overload during most industry events?

Join us at the U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting, September 16-18, 2024, where passions are reignited, and outcomes are boosted through energizing sessions, supporting relationships, how-to content, and regular post-meeting strategy sessions.
Register today for the recharge you deserve.

Inspiring Change:
The Power of Transformational Leadership at U2030

At U2030, we focus on transformational leadership—a dynamic leadership style that empowers individuals to drive positive change through visionary thinking, inspiration, and decisive action.

Transformational leaders foster emotional connections, igniting a collective passion to surpass individual limitations and achieve extraordinary goals.

Visit our Calendar to sign up for Transformative Leadership Center of Excellence sessions and our U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting, September 16-18, 2024, in Nashville, TN.

EMAIL US about U2030 Leadership Opportunities.
Transformational Leadership at the Intersection of Customers & Operations

New Research Study

Solution development continues after the U2030 Design-Think-a-Thon event. Whether you attended the event at Georgia Power or not, we invite you to participate in our follow-up session led by our innovation partner, InnovationForce, on June 12, 2024, 1-2 PM EST, to explore the potential of winning ideas.16

Test U2030 Design-Think-a-Thon Ideas at Your Utility

“Being a part of U2030 has been an enriching experience for BGE. The collective wealth of knowledge of the members has been invaluable. The best part of U2030 is the innovative ways teams are exposed to new concepts, hand-on learning experiences, and industry best practices. Through U2030, BGE team members have met a variety of industry experts. I highly recommend U2030 to any utility looking to elevate their performance and impact."

Ajit Apte

Vice President, Customer Operations, BGE

U2030 Advisory Services is helping us investigate some of our key challenges around outages, emergency preparedness, and communications. Their deep industry connections enable us to collaborate with other utility professionals to identify solutions.

Through their research expertise and ability to creatively connect people, the U2030 team is helping facilitate our journey towards increased resilience and reliability."

Frankie McDermott

Chief Operations Officer, SMUD

The U2030 Think-a-Thon at Georgia Power exceeded my expectations, and on a scale of 1-10, I give it a 10! 


It provided participants the unique opportunity to interact with nationwide peers while learning about new technologies, ways of thinking, and problem-solving.

Cheryl Davis

Director, Managed Services, Georgia Power Company

U2030 Advisory Services

Let us help you identify gaps and create a shared sense of purpose across teams.
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