"If you want to be great and successful, choose people who are great and successful and walk side by side with them."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who We Are

We are a community of business professionals building a blueprint for the digital, customer-centric utility of the future. This includes creating online-accessible playbooks in key development areas, CX, Products & services, Workforce , and Infrastructure, to build a world-class organization.

Our members advance their personal, professional, and company goals through leadership roles, professional coaching, and participation in incubator working groups, meetings, PowerSessions, and content.

Who We Represent
Our membership body includes representatives from electricity, gas, water, and wastewater investor-owned utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, and the vendors who support them. This includes industry partners who are best positioned to help the collaborative reach our goals.
Our Solutions
The Utility 2030 Collaborative is building a content-reach, online blueprint for the customer-centric utility of 2030. It will be available through a special section of our website with a searchable database of resources. Included in the blueprint will be individual playbooks for the transformation areas identified by our board, Customer Experience (CX), Products & Services, Workforce, and Infrastructure. Playbook resources are being built by the collaborative through:
    • Monthly PowerSessions (offered through a partnership with Energy Central)
    • Bi-monthly Leadership Development Sessions
    • Incubator Working Groups (Meet Monthly)
    • Research and Benchmarking Studies
    • Advanced Connections Monthly Publication
    • Utility Focus Groups
Ways To Engage

Limited Time Offer for Utility Professionals
Become a member of the collaborative for access to the Utility 2030 Customer-centric Utility Blueprint Database along with the ability to participate in all sessions, meetings, and content as it is being development. This includes opportunities to influence lines of inquiry.
Currently, utility memberships are free, so sign up now and we’ll send you the U2030 Guide to Engaging.

Vendor Opportunities to Join the Conversation
Vendors, committed to utility transformation, are invited join the collaborative through a Platinum, Gold, or Silver partnership package. Membership includes the ability to contribute materials to the database and influence topics.

Featured Sessions

Innovating in a Highly Regulated Environment Part 2: Playing Nice with Regulators

During this PowerSession, experts will expand on part 1 of the discussion on “Innovating in Highly Regulated Environments” by providing insights into how to work with—not against—regulators to achieve innovation and transformation goals.

Building a Modern and Adaptable Utility CX Toolbox

Customer Experience (CX) has been coined a moving target, and for good reason. Utility companies, even those with no competitors, must compete with their customers’ last best experience.

Utilities' Role Delivering the Clean Energy for America Plan

Utility 2030/Energy Central PowerSession – February 25, 2021 – Panelists will discuss the accelerated timeline and how utility companies can do to pick up the pace.

Advanced Connections Monthly Publication
How Mature is Your Customer Experience (CX)?
Benchmark Your CX Against Peer Utilities

Round out your 2021 CX Toolbox with new benchmarking data. Simply, participate in the short survey, and we will send you the aggregated results. 

Our Collaborative Members


Team of Utility 2030 Founders and company executives representing electric, gas, water & wastewater, utilities.


Emerging or growing utility leaders and platinum member, vendor executives.