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Report: Oracle Named the Market Leader in Digital Customer Engagement & Experience Analytics

Marketing intelligence and advisory firm Guidehouse Insights recently named Oracle Energy and Water the top provider in its 2023 Leaderboard for Digital Customer Engagement and Experience Analytics. This latest report reviewed 14 vendors that provide energy usage insights as a baseline requirement. The analysis also gives weight to analytics software that facilitates greater customer engagement, customer experience, and customer satisfaction scores. Vendors were scored on their strategy and execution based on 10 criteria, including vision, go-to-market strategy, partners, technology, product performance, product portfolio, and integrations.


Oracle held the top position in all 10 criteria reviewed by Guidehouse Insights. The report noted that “Oracle has the widest breadth of solutions among its profiled competitors. In doing so, Oracle offers full service from customer to network, identifying DER opportunities, inspecting installations, registering devices, enrolling in programs, and verifying performance.” Compared to the 2021 report, Guidehouse Insights also granted Oracle an overall score on execution—delivering results and innovation for its clients—that extended the company’s lead on one provider by 60% and tripled its lead on another provider.


“While energy usage intelligence remains the foundation of CE and CX analytics, stakeholder strategies are expanding to incorporate smart home optimization, EV management, complex rate analytics, and other customer-centric utility services,” said Michael Kelly, senior research analyst, Guidehouse Insights. “Oracle continues to distinguish itself atop this category in notable ways, from the breadth and performance of its integrated customer technologies and cloud services to its investments in solutions for equity and affordability.”


 The full report is available here.



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