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Community Service: U2030’s Impact Partnering with The Midnight Mission

Updated: May 21

In August 2023, the Utility 2030 Collaborative (U2030) demonstrated its commitment to community service by hosting a Corporate Volunteer Serve Day at The Midnight Mission. Attendees of the U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting served breakfast to residents of Skid Row and assembled and donated 800 hygiene kits.

The Midnight Mission, a respected nonprofit organization, works tirelessly to deliver critical services and offer pathways to self-sufficiency for those in need. On this particular day, U2030 volunteers also served breakfast to the local community, fostering a direct connection with residents and imparting a positive impact on their lives.

Sean Vanslyke, CEO of SEMO Electric Cooperative and GoSEMO Fiber, shared his moving experience in a LinkedIn post: “What a great morning! We left at 5 am from the hotel to The Midnight Mission. Around 6:45 am, we served more than 400 hot meals in 27 minutes. It was an amazing and humbling experience. #BlessThemChangeMeAngie ByfordBecky IvesterAmanda Burnett and the rest of the group did a wonderful job. Thanks Molly Wootton for the invitation and for doing what you do to help make other people’s lives better.” Check out Sean’s video from the service project.

This event not only supported The Midnight Mission but also provided U2030 volunteers with 300 total hours of hands-on service and contributed $3,500 in donations, including essential hygiene supplies.

Participation in the Corporate Volunteer Serve Day reinforced the bonds among U2030 attendees and established meaningful connections with the people of Los Angeles.

U2030 Commitment to Community Service

U2030 is deeply committed to enriching communities through such volunteer projects. By engaging with and supporting those in need, our team members not only deliver immediate aid but also build empathy and a deeper understanding of the challenges facing diverse populations. These efforts are crucial in fostering a corporate culture that values and actively supports community engagement, creating lasting impacts that extend well beyond our day-to-day operations.




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