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Community Service: Celebrating Dedicated Individuals: U2030 Members Partner with Park Pride & Georgia Power

U2030's leadership team wishes to thank the hard-working early risers who beautified the playground at Atlanta's Historic Fourth Ward Park at 680 Dallas Street Northeast. In collaboration with Georgia Power, U2030 partnered with Park Pride to complete the project. Sixteen volunteers participated in the cleanup effort before the commencement of the U2030 Design-Think-a-Thon on May 14, 2024, at Georgia Power's downtown Atlanta headquarters. In addition to contributing 48 person-hours, U2030 donated $2500 to Park Pride.

Please join us in thanking the following volunteers:

  • Dwight Scruggs (Cinch Home Services)

  • Jim Thomas (Cinch Home Services)

  • Christina Schueneman (E Source)

  • Laura Dutton (Independent Consultant)

  • Cheryl Davis (Georgia Power Company)

  • Danny Johnson (Georgia Power Company)

  • Luke Peterson (Hibbing PUC)

  • Rob Merrick (PG&E)

  • Jay Stowe (Stowe Utility Group)

  • Sage Guyer (U2030)

  • Tricia Edmonds (U2030)

  • Vanessa Edmonds (U2030)

  • Luke Edmonds (U2030)

  • Isaac Edmonds (U2030)

  • Malia Edmonds (U2030)

  • Mike Smith (U2030)

U2030's values revolve around uplifting and empowering individuals. This dedication extends to the communities hosting U2030 events, where U2030 completes impactful service projects and donates financially to empower positive transformation.

Beyond the Atlanta Park Pride initiative, U2030 has engaged in other projects, such as collaborating with The Midnight Mission to serve breakfast on Skid Row, assembling 800 hygiene kits, and partnering with BGE U2030 for community engagement in a Baltimore Park cleanup effort.

Join us at the U2030 Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, from September 16-18, 2024. We will continue our mission by supporting Habitat for Humanity's new ReStore location opening. Together, we will continue uplifting and empowering others for a brighter future.





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