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Community Service: U2030 Fosters Community Engagement During Baltimore Park Cleanup

Updated: May 21

U2030 started its U2030 Design-Think-a-Thon with a cleanup project at Northwest Regional Park in April 2023. Nestled in the Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan area, the park is on Deer Park Road in Owings Mills, Maryland. It emerged as a response to a significant population surge of approximately 24,000 individuals between 1990 and 2000. Renowned for its role as a destination for family outings, youth sports, and community gardens, the park is a vital communal space for locals.


During the four-hour community service project, U2030 Think-a-Thon participants actively engaged in the upkeep of the park’s common areas, diligently collecting trash to preserve its beauty and ensure sanitation for residents. This collaborative effort enhanced the park’s aesthetics and fostered a sense of camaraderie among Think-a-Thon participants, setting an uplifting tone for the subsequent masterclass sessions. “Participating in the park cleanup effort was not just about tidying up; it was about investing in the well-being of our member’s communities and fostering a sense of unity among participants. We believe in the power of collective action to make a meaningful difference,” said Paul Applegate from InvoiceCloud. In addition to participating in the park cleanup effort, InvoiceCloud was the headline sponsor of the Design-Think-a-Thon.”

U2030 Community Service Projects

At U2030, our commitment to giving back resonates deeply with the communities where our members and customers reside, work, and play. Rooted in the belief that community engagement is paramount, we strive to comprehend and empathize profoundly with our customers. Through our Community Service Projects, we establish genuine connections with the individuals we serve, gaining invaluable insights into their needs and aspirations. These experiences empower us to develop tailored and impactful solutions that effectively address their unique requirements, ultimately strengthening the fabric of our shared communities.



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