Empathy in Action at The Midnight Mission

The Utility 2030 Collaborative (U2030) sponsored a Corporate Volunteer Serve Day at The Midnight Mission and assembled and donated 800 hygiene kits. These two unique opportunities gave U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting attendees a chance to engage in meaningful volunteer work alongside their utility industry peers before the event commenced later in the day.
The Midnight Mission is a renowned nonprofit organization dedicated to providing essential services to individuals experiencing homelessness in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. Through various programs and services, the mission is to offer a path to self-sufficiency. The Midnight Mission serves as a beacon of hope and support for those in need within the community.
Skid Row Breakfast Service
U2030 volunteers served breakfast to the residents of The Midnight Mission and the Skid Row community. This hands-on experience allowed attendees to connect with and positively impact the lives of those experiencing homelessness.
Sean Vanslyke, CEO of SEMO Electric Cooperative and GoSEMO Fiber participated in the project. Here is an excerpt for a LinkedIn post, “At 5:30 a.m., Sunday, our team of volunteers arrived in the Skid Row community. As the sun had yet to rise, the area was gently lit by the glow of streetlights, casting a somber hue on the scene where we would soon provide breakfast to those less fortunate. The struggles and challenges faced by these individuals struck a chord in my heart. Amid the backdrop of this challenging environment, a fellow volunteer whispered a heartfelt prayer, “Jesus, help them.” In the midst of our tasks, a silent plea resonated within me, “Bless them. Change me.”
Hygiene Kit Assembly
A second group of volunteers assembled 800 hygiene kits, which contained essential items donated by U2030. This activity aimed to support The Midnight Mission’s efforts in providing necessary resources to those in need.
Total Contribution
U2030’s contributions to The Midnight Mission totaled 300 volunteer man-hours and $3,500 in donations, including cash contributions and hygiene supplies.

By participating in the Corporate Volunteer Serve Day sponsorship, attendees strengthened their bonds with each other and forged unique connections with residents of Los Angeles.
About U2030’s Corporate Giving & Volunteer Projects
At U2030, we sincerely believe in the transformative power of community service. By actively engaging in projects like the Corporate Volunteer Serve Day at The Midnight Mission, we provide tangible support to those in need and foster a culture of empathy and understanding within our organization. Through firsthand experiences serving breakfast to the residents of The Midnight Mission and assembling hygiene kits, our team members connect on a human level with individuals facing homelessness and other challenges. These experiences strengthen our bonds as colleagues and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the diverse communities we serve. By investing our time, resources, and compassion into community service projects, we strive to create meaningful and sustainable impacts that extend far beyond the confines of our corporate offices.