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Whitepaper: U2030 Whitepaper Features 2023 Women Who SPARK Award Winners

Updated: 7 days ago

Los Angeles, California, August 28, 2023 – FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION – The Utility 2030 Collaborative (U2030) is thrilled to unveil this year’s impactful awardees of the U2030 2023 Women Who SPARK Awards.


Marking its second consecutive year, this prestigious national initiative acknowledges exceptional women who have made remarkable strides in shaping the landscape of utility company transformation, mentoring other women, and exhibiting the potential to embrace even more responsibility.


Presented in partnership with the program’s sponsor, E Source, this year’s awards recognize ten outstanding winners across three categories: Individual Utility Executive Contributor, Transformation Leadership Team, and Individual CX Leadership Contributor. The honorees were celebrated during a thoughtfully orchestrated awards ceremony and dinner event held in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, August 27, 2023, in coordination with the U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting.


“We are proud to partner with the Utility 2030 Collaborative in recognizing the exceptional women who are driving innovation and transformation in the utility industry. These remarkable individuals are not only shaping the future of utility companies but also serving as inspiring role models for others. At E Source, we believe in the power of collaboration and progress, and these awards exemplify the positive change that can be achieved when talented women are given the opportunity to lead. Congratulations to all the winners of the U2030 Women Who SPARK Awards," says Edwin Crow, Senior Vice President, E Source.

Categories and Honorees

1. Individual Utility Executive Contributors:

  • Brandy Bolden, Chief Customer Officer, SMUD

  • Janisse Quiñones, Senior Vice President, Electric Operations, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)



2. Transformation Leadership Team:

  • Lauren Preston, Vice President, Customer Care, Liberty Utilities

  • Katy Liddell, Senior Director, Change Management, Liberty Utilities

  • Katy Cook, Director, Customer Experience, Liberty Utilities



3. Individual CX Leadership Contributors:

  • Nicole Bates, Customer Services Manager, Mount Pleasant Waterworks

  • Kristina Coppernolle

  • Marci Westlake, Customer Service Manager, Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA)

  • Valerie Williams, Senior Manager, Voice of the Customer (VoC) Program, Liberty Utilities



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