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Announcement: U2030 Design Thinking Breakthroughs: Follow-Up Session Alert

Next Steps

U2030 Design-Think-a-Thon

Breaking Down Silos to Overcome the Energy & Water Capacity Dilemma

Curious about the viability of the groundbreaking solutions ideated during the U2030 Design-Think-a-Thon to overcome the critical energy and water capacity dilemma facing the utility industry?

Join us for a follow-up session on June 12, 2024, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST, where InnovationForce will unveil the trajectory of these innovative ideas within the InnovationWorks platform and offer insights on how to test them at your company.

About InnovationWorks

InnovationWorks operates intuitively like popular social networking tools to create a beautiful digital record of innovations. Because they make it easy to share ideas, U2030 is partnering with them to share Design-Think-a-Thon solutions with our entire ecosystem. Don't miss this opportunity to capitalize on U2030’s collective learnings!

We are excited to keep innovating together!


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