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PurpleBox Bolsters Utility2030's Cybersecurity with Comprehensive Services 

Utility2030's sensitive data and ensuring the trust and security of their customers. PurpleBox, through its security measures, plays a vital role in enhancing Utility2030's cybersecurity. It ensures the confidentiality of customer information by enforcing confidentiality agreements for employees, contractors, and vendors. Rigorous employee background checks are conducted, and comprehensive security training is provided to employees, including annual refreshers and specialized training for engineering teams. 

Employee workstations are safeguarded with automatic locking and encryption, meeting DoD standards during decommissioning. The principle of least privilege is adhered to, limiting access to essential functions and data only. Physical access controls are implemented at both offices and data processing facilities, and regular penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, conducted by third-party vendors, help maintain robust security across internal and external infrastructure and services.

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