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Corporate Memberships

Utility transformation thrives on collaboration, so we provide corporate memberships tailored for utility companies and solution providers. These memberships include passes to exclusive events, invitations to key meetings, and access to all our member resources on the U2030 Collective Brain Platform. Join us to tap into a wealth of collective knowledge and build invaluable connections within the utility sector.

Vendor Memberships

Designed to facilitate relationships between utility professionals and vendors seeking your services, we structure Vendor Membership Packages with benefits that make them a valuable extension of your marketing, sales, and R&D teams.

Don’t see a membership that fits your needs?
Tailored to the specific needs of utility company employees, Utility Membership Packages are designed and priced to deliver maximum value for busy professionals.

Benefits include:
  • 3 Passes – U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting
  • 3 Passes – U2030 Masterclasses
  • Unlimited Individual Logins – U2030 Collective Brain Platform
  • Unlimited Participation – Virtual Centers of Excellence
  • Leadership Opportunities (Board, Advisory Committee, and Program Committees)
  • Speaking Opportunities

Utility Memberships

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