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Article: 8 Reasons U2030 is Making Waves as Innovative Utility Transformation Enabler

Updated: Jun 29

Large-scale business transformation presents unique challenges, particularly within regulated industries like utilities, which have seen minimal change over the past century. Unlike fiercely competitive sectors, regulated utilities do not directly compete with each other. This landscape invites a culture of openness where information sharing carries minimal risk. It is an environment that cultivates humility and generosity among utility leaders who freely exchange insights on challenges and solutions to advance the industry. With new hurdles like DER integration, supply and demand imbalances, and evolving regulatory requirements, these leaders recognize the power of collaborative problem-solving over isolated efforts.


In this landscape, a select group of companies are enablers of innovation and transformation, primarily responsible for facilitating cross-company knowledge exchange. Leading this charge: the Utility 2030 Collaborative (U2030), which breaks the mold with its creative approaches to information sharing, network building, and problem-solving.


Recent Recognition

U2030 was recently named among the "Top Georgia Startups Revolutionizing the U.S. Advice Industry Landscape" and nominated for a prominent feature in Innovate© Georgia, a prestigious hardcover publication celebrating Georgia's vibrant technology scene for the Technology Association of Georgia's (TAG's) 25th anniversary.

 U2030's headquarters is in the bustling suburb of Alpharetta, Georgia, the "Technology City of the South," its team is dispersed across the U.S. and Canada, including its rapidly expanding network of over 250 members and partners. These members include dynamic leaders from IOUs, municipalities, and cooperatives, all united by a common goal: modernizing their utilities through authentic collaboration and transformative leadership.


U2030's Differentiators:

1.      Diversity of Thought: As a WBENC-certified business, U2030 attracts member companies committed to diversity, equality, and social responsibility. This commitment creates a rich environment of diverse perspectives and innovative problem-solving approaches, leading to unique solutions and improved business outcomes.

2.      Innovative Events & Sessions Designs: U2030 harnesses the power of kinesthetic learning (aka: "let's get up and move to learn") to ignite creativity and enhance understanding of critical concepts during our Masterclasses and U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting. Our events blend team-building activities, inspiring presentations, moderated discussions, and Design Thinking and Futures Thinking training. Additionally, we engage in community service projects in the cities hosting our events to foster empathy among our members, a critical step in Design Thinking.

3.      Personalized Support: U2030 dedicates itself to each member's success and well-being. Our internal team offers "white glove" knowledge transfer and leadership development services, meeting with each member company bi-monthly or more if the member wants additional attention. We freely discuss upcoming opportunities and how to maximize membership benefits and other industry opportunities based on our deep experience in the sector.

4.      Valuable Recognition. U2030 takes extraordinary steps to celebrate member achievements and express gratitude for each person’s contributions. A Chief Gratitude Officer will join the team in the Fall of 2024, to continue our tradition of recognizing successes and sending thoughtful gifts during crucial life moments. Our Women Who SPARK Program honors innovation, transformation, and mentoring excellence, culminating in a moving awards gala at our U2030 Annual SPARK Meeting.

5.      Unmatched Relevancy. Our board of directors, composed entirely of utility company executives and our Advisory Committee, ensures that U2030's research, resources, and meetings are directly relevant to utilities' immediate and future needs. Their input eliminates assumptions about utilities' wants and needs, enabling us to focus our efforts on real priorities.

6.      Transformative Leadership Principles. At U2030, our focus extends beyond the "it" of transformation to the "who" and you need to succeed. Every meeting and event bubbles over with Transformative Leadership insights and training.

7.      Advisory Services. U2030 goes beyond providing access to an ecosystem of utility professionals and DIY how-to resources. We leverage our deep industry experience and generous network to offer tailored advisory services. Our offerings include in-depth team interviews, industry research, and customized on-site workshops to identify gaps and align your team toward a unified vision and shared goals. In 2024 alone, we have provided these services for SMUD, SDG&E, Georgia Power, and BGE. We invite you to read our SMUD Case Study and email us at to learn more about these services.

8.      U2030 Collective Brain Platform. The U2030 Collective Brain Platform is a user-friendly online social hub for seamless collaboration and resource sharing between meetings. Packed with how-to guides created through co-collaboration, crowdsourcing, and content curation, the platform empowers members to connect, share insights, and livestream meetings in real-time. We engage essential players within the utility ecosystem in our discussions. These players include regulators, community leaders, technology providers, and the best minds from thought leadership communities.


U2030 excels in integrating both the technical and personal facets of utility transformation. Through our commitment to transformative leadership, we empower utility leaders to actively navigate and shape the industry's future. By nurturing a supportive community, we collectively equip every member with the resources needed to tackle innovation and transformation challenges. As it says on the U2030 website, “No one should face these challenges alone,” and we believe this.

Join us at U2030, where we stand ready to support your journey. For more information, visit or email us at"

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