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News: Discover Chicago's Sustainable Water Future with Deputy Commissioner Kohn at U2030 Event

Updated: May 21

U2030 is excited to announce that David Kohn, Deputy Commissioner of Regional Partnerships at the City of Chicago’s Department of Water Management, will deliver a keynote address during the U2030 Futures Thinking Masterclass: The Future of Utility Service, June 4-5, 2024, at Oracle’s Innovation Lab in Deerfield, IL.

During his session titled "Regional Collaboration: Building Partnerships for a Sustainable Future," Mr. Kohn will discuss the establishment of the Chicago Water Partners Advisory Council (CWPAC). This council, comprising representatives from various communities and water systems served by Chicago, was formed in 2022 to foster robust relationships with suburban customers and facilitate collaborative efforts.

Mr. Kohn will also shed light on other notable projects, such as the historic water supply contract with the City of Joliet, which extends water services to Joliet and five neighboring communities in the southwest suburbs, collectively known as the Grand Prairie Water Commission.

Lastly, he will discuss the city's commitment to transition from its current uniform, flat-rate water rate to the nationally recognized American Water Works Association (AWWA) Cost-of-Service model by January 2030, detailing its implementation and the strategies to ensure equitable rates and communicate these changes with customers.

Mr. Kohn states, "In fostering regional collaboration and implementing sustainable water practices, we're not just securing the future of our utilities; we're building a legacy of stewardship and resilience for generations to come, initiatives that I’m excited to share with the U2030 audience."

Join Mr. Kohn as he illuminates the transformative journey of the CWPAC to deliver the future of utility services, describing the city's visionary initiatives towards enhanced collaboration and implementation of the AWWA’s more transparent and predictable water rate methodology.

For more information about this keynote session and to register for the event, please visit June Masterclass | Utility 2030.


About the Utility 2030 Collaborative

The Utility 2030 Collaborative (U2030) is a dynamic community of utility professionals dedicated to amplifying the impact of utility transformation efforts. Centered on the success of its members, U2030 specializes in fostering relationships, cultivating leadership, and facilitating knowledge transfer at the nexus of utility customers and operational excellence. For more information, please visit


About the Department of Water Management

The City of Chicago’s Department of Water Management is committed to providing the highest quality drinking water to the residents of Chicago and its surrounding communities. Through innovation, collaboration, and sustainable practices, the department works tirelessly to ensure the reliability and safety of water services for millions of people across Northeastern Illinois. For more information, please visit City of Chicago :: Water Management.




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