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U2030 Unveils Major Upgrades to Collective Brain Platform: Explore the New Features​

The Utility 2030 Collaborative (U2030) is excited to announce the launch of the newly enhanced U2030 Collective Brain Platform. Packed with robust instructions and user-friendly features, this upgrade promises an intuitive, greatly improved experience for all U2030 members.

Enhanced Features & Functionality

Register effortlessly for upcoming events, participate in live-streamed meetups, and stay informed about key dates and deadlines to ensure you never miss important opportunities.

Streamlined Event Management

Navigate through our "Right Brain Inspiration" for U2030 Book Club titles and meeting ideas and activities that put U2030 on the map, like Ignite Talks, LEGO Building Challenge, and Family Feud.

Right Brain Inspiration

Enjoy the seamless functionality of the U2030 Collective Brain Platform on the go, with a mobile-friendly interface, allowing you to stay connected from anywhere.

Streamlined Mobile Accessiblity

Tailor your dashboard to meet your communication and resource-sharing needs, ensuring that the most relevant information and resources are always easily accessible.

Personalized User Experience

Connect with fellow utility professionals through interactive forums, direct messaging, and collaborative groups, fostering a stronger, more cohesive community.

Enhanced Community Engagement

Access an extensive library of resources and resource-sharing opportunities, including post-event and post-meeting summaries, recordings, articles, and “left brain” research, curated to inspire and inform.

Comprehensive Resource & Research Libraries

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