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Accelerating Clean Energy Future Timeline in Biden Era, Part 2

The inauguration of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, on January 20, 2021 marked the commencement of his four-year term as the president of the United States. He and his administration immediately got to work addressing the country’s biggest challenges. One of his leading agenda items is delivering a clean energy future through his Build Back Better plan by 2035. The days of producing energy that creates greenhouse emissions must end.

Accelerating Clean Energy Future Timelines in Biden Era, Part 1

The past election was a close race between president, Donald Trump and his contender, Joe Biden. Red vs. Blue, Us vs. Them. But in the end, Biden won the election. With the change in president, there is a natural resistance to new thinking. However, that resistance shouldn’t carry over to advancing our clean energy goals at the federal level. Regardless of political party, clean energy is our future.

The Internet as the 4th Utility & Why You Should Care

What would our lives be like without water, gas, and electricity? With an unrelenting focus on safety and reliability, utility companies have made life without these core services almost impossible to imagine.

But what would life be like without the internet? Today, more 4.8 billion people use the internet. Just how pervasive has it become and what would life without it be like? Have we reached the point where the internet has become the fourth utility?