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What GM’s Big EV Announcement Means for Energy Utilities

General Motors shocked both the auto industry and the energy industry last month with a major announcement that will drive the future of transportation: The automaker wants to end production of diesel- and gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035 and electrify its entire lineup of cars, trucks and SUVs.  The move will certainly shift EV adoption into high gear faster than previously expected. GM’s …

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Communicating with Consumers About Green Initiatives in 2021

How utilities speak to customers about the impact of renewable energy will determine whether this change is viewed positively or negatively. Going green undoubtedly comes at a cost. Projections for infrastructure updates could add anywhere from $20 to $58 to monthly bills for residential and business customers. Effectively communicating rate increases to customers will be essential to get right.

The Regulated Utility: Emerging Business Models for Offering New Products, Programs & Services

Until recently, the traditional regulated #utility model for simultaneously collecting #revenue and keeping customers happy had been steady since the birth of the #grid. At the most basic level, a utility customer would use a particular amount of a commodity—#electricity, #gas, #water, and/or #wastewater services, receive a monthly bill based on usage and submit a payment. As long as the bill was correct, call center agents were available when it wasn’t, and service was uninterrupted, utilities didn’t have to fret over revenue or customers.

The “What” and the “How” of Offering Non-traditional Utility Products & Services

Customer centricity is critical to the transformation game but offering smooth self-service experience and pleasant interactions with the call center is no longer enough. To persevere when a growing number of competitors are fighting for utility customers, utility companies must go beyond offering reliable and safe electricity, natural gas, drinking water and wastewater services to meet other customer needs.