The Internet as the 4th Utility & Why You Should Care

What would our lives be like without #water, #gas, and #electricity? With an unrelenting focus on safety and reliability, utility companies have made life without these core services almost impossible to imagine. 

But what would life be like without the #internet? Today, more 4.8 billion people use the internet. Just how pervasive has it become and what would life without it be like? Have we reached the point where the internet has become the fourth utility? 

During this interview with James Riley, a partner at Appos who serves on the advisory committee for the Utility 2030 Collaborative, will share his opinion on: 

  • What makes a #utility a utility and why he believes the internet is one; 
  • The growing importance of the internet before and because of #Covid; 
  • Whether the internet will be subject to deeper #regulation in the future and why; 
  • Internet’s dependence on electricity and what needs to be done to reduce this dependency to ensure reliable service; and 
  • The January 14, 2021 panel discussion, “Innovating in a Highly Regulated Environment with perspective from Algonquin Power & Utilities, and Tesla Insurance  


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